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根据新西兰卫生部的最新要求,Level Two期间所有开放的酒吧及餐馆,必须及时登记客户信息。在进入点单页面后,您将被要求留下您的个人信息。除非得到您的确认或在合法范围内,大鼓米线不会将信息用作任何其他用途,感谢您的理解以及配合。
According to the latest restriction of New Zealand Government, Bars and restaurants are requested to have a COVID-19 guest register. You will be required to fill in your personal information in the next page. DAGU will not use Guest information given for any other purpose unless the Guest agrees or unless DAGU is required or permitted to do so by law. By agreeing and completing the registration card you are signifying your consent to your personal data being processed. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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